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//  Origin:  Los Angeles, CA
//  Genres:  Dream Pop, Lo-fi Rock
//  Years Active:  2019- Present
Artist Bio

Inverted Jenny is the brainchild of singer-guitarist Claire Epting. She crafts a spellbinding mix of shoegaze-tinged dream pop that conjures a hazy soundscape garnering similarities to Mazzy Star, Best Coast, and Melody’s Echo Chamber. 

Her newest single out 1/29, "Painkiller", is inspired by the dark romance of tiki bars and midnight rendezvous. The surf rock-tinged guitars are contrasted with Epting's icy cool vocal delivery. "Painkiller" is the soundtrack for driving down Pacific Coast Highway in the dead of night.




When you close your eyes and listen to “Untitled Dream #3,” it places you high up in the clouds... Rich chorus guitars, hypnotizing vocals and entrancing synths."

— Chris Arey, Buzzbands LA

"Claire Epting looks to the Velvets and Mazzy Star for inspiration, but listening to the steady bounce of the percussion you can see the band’s work fitting nicely along any number of great pop acts from California."

— Nathan Lankford, Austin Town Hall

"'Painkiller' has the same fanciful essence and retro charisma as her dream-psych contemporaries."

— Xune Mag



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